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PostSubject: Willkommen!   Wed Aug 26, 2015 11:22 pm

Welcome to the forum. As you might expect it is currently in a very undeveloped stage, and any input is very much welcome. Feel free to create topics at will.

As for rules, as of yet the only ones formed out the primal waters are:

*Maintain some basic decorum and civility- we're young men, but, at least ideally, civilized ones.
*Funposting must stay in the funposting category.
*Do not post hentai or other obscenity. If you must link to some hentai (you should have at least a half-decent reason) then give the reader some fair warning of what exactly they should expect to see. The same goes for guro any more than mild. 3DPD porn is altogether prohibited.
*Post nothing that's illegal in Usona.
*If you're high, keep it to yourself. That sort of degeneracy will not be tolerated.
*The fellow up there is Erwin Rommel, a good man, and one who opposed the excesses and madnesses and crimes of Hitler and his régime. This is not a neo-Nazi forum; we are not Hitlerites. Take your diem laquei and ridiculous techno-pagan racialism elsewhere, they are hardly welcome here.
*Virtue stands apart from transient politics.

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